Peter Panagiotopoulos is an independent leasing lawyer and principal of leasable™.

The leasing process is not fair. Through improved mindset, behaviour and positioning tenants can derail that process to unlock incredible negotiating power. It is in this space that Peter educates and empowers tenants. A regular writer, it is also the source of inspiration for Peter’s thought leadership on healthcare tenancies see – Healthcare.


Inevitably, all leases become either an asset or liability. It is just a matter of time.

Success is not accidental. Over time, small positive decisions made early in a deal compound to great benefit. Similarly, small compromises contrary to a tenant’s business case will fester. Time magnifies everything.

When faced with a leasing hurdle, it always boils down to the same basic choice – a tenant prepares and succeeds by design, or not.


Landlords are rarely the problem, they too have legitimate interests. In the long run, success is shared.