How would you describe the ideal leasable™ client ?

Privately owned small businesses (under 50 employees) operating from leased premises in Sydney, New South Wales facing a leasing hurdle or transition that is significant to them.

Who will be working with us ?

Peter Panagiotopoulos. The person who sells you will be the person working with you.

Do you take on all lease work ?

No. We selectively and respectfully pursue good fits.

Can I solve my leasing problem myself ?

Yes. Some problems can be managed, if not resolved completely by tenants. However, often tenants do not know what they need, let alone the route to the solution.

We help self-aware business owners handle challenges in house by giving them the playbook. The playbook equips them with an understanding of the relevant moving parts, available levers, scripts, dialogue and know-how. This kind of upstream engagement is useful, because it keeps problems small and landlords more pliable – provided the problem (or opportunity) is brought to us early.

What is a playbook ?

The rules of negotiation apply from the moment a new site or new challenge is identified. The playbook is a small phased engagement at the very start of the journey in which the tenant understands the optimal lease or optimal outcome for its business situation and how to get there.

The tenant executes the simple (yes, these are often very simple) tactics prescribed in the playbook to unlock a higher more efficient way forward.

How do we start ?

Please call the number on the Contact page of this website.

If you are asked to leave a message, please do.

We prefer the phone. It is our policy not to participate in online meetings.

That said, we will happily take the time to listen to determine if we can help and are a good fit – without any strings or obligation. If we can, we will give basic scope and budget information over the phone. In all cases, engagements start with a short diagnostic process.

What sets leasable™ apart ?

A few things :

1 Unapologetically narrow focus.

2 Unique processes to diagnose leasing problems and opportunities quickly and effectively.

3 Small, phased engagements.

4 Plain speaking, with a preference to be kind.